Why join myhappyavatar ™ now ?
  • You need an emotional energy boost now--no matter your circumstances.

  • We customize coach advice to your personality and preferences.

  • You can choose from multiple easy-to-use tools; use them at once or separately.

  • Our programs are based on the latest science.

  • The app enhances your other fitness, wellness and happiness programs and devices.

What are people saying about us?

Kathleen Jones Wellness Coach Mentor

“This app brings key concepts from positive psychology into people’s lives in a way that is down-to-earth, personalized, and fun.
This is a wonderful tool for self-discovery that will inspire and support you in being your absolute best self.”

Ingrid Edshteyn Lifestyle Medicine Clinician

“This is finally the app that takes the evidence base behind positive psychology and health behavior change and transforms it into a personalized and fun experience. Also character and brain strengths make the myhappyavatar experience unique.”

Cono Badalamenti Lifestyle Medicine Physician

“myhappyavatar is a wonderful tool to enhance clinical outcomes. Its base in positive psychology and cutting edge neuroscience and its easy to use platform make it a great tool to use with my patients to focus on what matters most.”



How do I learn more about personality types?

HealthType.com offers a blog with personality type explanations. The My Happy Avatar book, available on Amazon and other book distributors, contains brief descriptions of the personality types with a focus on happiness and health . A new book will be released in early 2016. Also number of resources on the web delve into the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the sixteen personality types, and the work of psychologist Carl Jung who defined the cognitive functions that are the basis of personality differences.


What is the relationship between myhappyavatarTM and HealthTypeLLC?

HealthTypeLLC is the health promotion services company that created and owns myhappyavatar™.


How can I partner with myhappyavatarLLC or license the materials?

We are excited to partner with companies and organizations that aim to enhance their wellness programs. Please send a direct message on Facebook or contact us here.


How do I contribute suggestions for activities?

We are on the lookout for creative activity suggestions. We are also developing a collection
specific to different locales, different cultures, and unique settings. Please send a direct message on Facebook or contact us here.


How do I submit a guest blog or article?

Please send a brief summary of your content in a direct message on Facebook or contact us here. We will review and send you instructions for submitting the complete material. Final posting is at the discretion of myhappyavatarLLC team.


How do I ask a question or make a comment?

Please send a direct message on Facebook or contact us here.


What is the difference between the various myhappyavatar.com apps?

Our app programs are structured similarly in order to address the key elements of positive psychology and happiness: activities, support, resources, character strengths and brain strengths. Suggested activities and advice are customized to the target group. The coach program is a model that guides coaches on how to best interact with clients / patients based on their own brain strengths and personality preferences, as well as the clients’ / patients’ strengths, personalities and readiness to make changes.