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  • You need an emotional energy boost now--no matter your circumstances.

  • We customize coach advice to your personality and preferences.

  • You can choose from multiple easy-to-use tools; use them at once or separately.

  • Our programs are based on the latest science.

  • The app enhances your other fitness, wellness and happiness programs and devices.

What are people saying about us?

Kathleen Jones Wellness Coach Mentor

“This app brings key concepts from positive psychology into people’s lives in a way that is down-to-earth, personalized, and fun.
This is a wonderful tool for self-discovery that will inspire and support you in being your absolute best self.”

Ingrid Edshteyn Lifestyle Medicine Clinician

“This is finally the app that takes the evidence base behind positive psychology and health behavior change and transforms it into a personalized and fun experience. Also character and brain strengths make the myhappyavatar experience unique.”

Cono Badalamenti Lifestyle Medicine Physician

“myhappyavatar is a wonderful tool to enhance clinical outcomes. Its base in positive psychology and cutting edge neuroscience and its easy to use platform make it a great tool to use with my patients to focus on what matters most.”

Tailor and improve your coaching approach!

We invite health coaches, trainers and providers to join myhappyavatar.com and enhance your coaching skills and experience. Are there times when you feel challenged to relate to and understand your patients? The myhappyavatar coach app can enhance your skills and coaching experience. You will be guided to align your interaction with your patient’s preferred ways of:

You will also get tips and guidance based on your preferences and personality to more effectively navigate the coaching process for patients with different brain strengths (cognitive preferences) and personalities. The process will lead to a more comfortable and satisfying coaching experience for you and your patients!

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