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  • You need an emotional energy boost now--no matter your circumstances.

  • We customize coach advice to your personality and preferences.

  • You can choose from multiple easy-to-use tools; use them at once or separately.

  • Our programs are based on the latest science.

  • The app enhances your other fitness, wellness and happiness programs and devices.

What are people saying about us?

Kathleen Jones Wellness Coach Mentor

“This app brings key concepts from positive psychology into people’s lives in a way that is down-to-earth, personalized, and fun.
This is a wonderful tool for self-discovery that will inspire and support you in being your absolute best self.”

Ingrid Edshteyn Lifestyle Medicine Clinician

“This is finally the app that takes the evidence base behind positive psychology and health behavior change and transforms it into a personalized and fun experience. Also character and brain strengths make the myhappyavatar experience unique.”

Cono Badalamenti Lifestyle Medicine Physician

“myhappyavatar is a wonderful tool to enhance clinical outcomes. Its base in positive psychology and cutting edge neuroscience and its easy to use platform make it a great tool to use with my patients to focus on what matters most.”



To promote happiness and health by making the keys to emotional wellbeing easy to access in everyday life and in provider/coach/trainer settings.

Actually what we really want to do is to interest, amuse, divert, and distract you so that you (and your patients) will stick with us, waking up one day feeling much better! We believe in you!



The vision behind myhappyavatar.com sprung over two decades ago. Dr. Liana Lianov was directing the women’s cancer program at the California Department of Health Services. Women often reached out to ask how they might cope with a cancer diagnosis or simply manage their lives in order to follow through with the prevention advice. Lots of information was being provided to the women, yet they felt like they were treading quicksand. Dr. Lianov took a leave in order to complete a psychiatry fellowship focused on patients with medical conditions. She learned treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy which can be effective for depression and other conditions. But it was not enough. Patients needed more than treatment. They needed to find joy in their lives. In her search for a better solution, she discovered the field of positive psychology. It was later shown that positive psychology works in a different part of the brain than mental illness treatment. All of us can benefit from improved emotional and physical wellbeing.

Dr. Lianov has led the development of tools that offer practical ways to use these positive psychology principles in everyday life. The apps apply the best of positive psychology and strengths-focused interventions, guided by neuroscience approaches, for easy use and effective results. We aim to support individuals, coaches, providers, and a variety of wellness partners more effectively and weave positive psychology into their lives, their work and their programs. Welcome to our growing family of myhappyavatar.com fans who find these tools invaluable.


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